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Fabrication d’une protection faciale légère

This medical glasses model was developped in order to answer the global shortage on medical supplies during the 2020 covid19 crisis.

To make those, you need :

  • sheets of transparent plastic
  • 3D printing material such as PLA or 4mm plexiglas for laser cutting

Tools :

  • 3D printer
  • desktop printer
  • scissors
  • cutter

Optional tools :

  • hole punch
  • laser cutter

How to ?

  1. Download the content of this folder : glasses
  2. Work in a sterile environment
  3. 3D print or laser cut the frame
  4. Print and cut out the stencil (pdf file)
  5. Report the stencil on the transparent plastic sheet (4 pieces on a A4 sheet)
  6. Cut the plastic sheet using scissors
  7. Perforate the lenses (cross inside the holes if you use a cutter OR punch hole)
  8. Mount the lenses on the frame (as shown in picture)
  9. Sterilize the glasses and store them safely
  10. Give them away in hospitals, drugstores…
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